"Child Friendly
Cities Initiative"

Pradinis » Conference “Child Friendly Cities Initiative”

The conference „Child-Friendly Cities Initiative“ was organised on 22 June at the College of Social Sciences in Vilnius (Lithuania), it was broadcasted via social networks as well. The aim of this conference was to inform local government actors in Lithuania, the Baltic and Nordic regions – municipalities, organizations and institutions working with children and youth, civil society activists – about UNICEF’s Child Friendly Cities Initiative, its benefits for children, youth, local communities and local governments, its holistic approach to the realization of children’s rights in decision-making that is important to children and youth, and its strengthening of children’s and youth’s participation in its planning and implementation.

The conference had featured presentations by UNICEF and Nordic UNICEF National Committees, as well as experts from Vilnius municipality sharing their experience in creating a child-friendly city in Lithuania (Conference agenda). The recorded stream of the conference presentations is available here.

The conference was organised within the framework of the project „Developing the Nordic-Baltic Child Friendly Cities Initiative“ and supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers.